Some info on booking and preparing for
a Snapscene session

FAQ - Booking your session . . .

You can call or text: 905-484-2290
You can email your inquiry to: info@snapscene.ca

I can often accommodate a session on the day following your inquiry. However, I recommend booking at least a week in advance to secure your preferred date and time. 

I primarily service the Halton and Hamilton Regions.  Expanded services are available. Click HERE to view a map of Snapscene’s service area. 

I issue invoices that can be paid online via credit card or e-transfer.

If you change or cancel your booking within 48 of the session day, a fee of 50% of the total amount owing, from the services changed/cancelled, will be charged.  

Sessions will move forward as planned, unless a weather advisory is issued by Environment Canada. In the case of an advisory, your session can be rescheduled without any additional fees. 

FAQ - About your photo/video session . . .

The average family home takes about an hour for photos and an additional hour for video.  Luxury homes often require a dedicated day for production. 

No on needs to be present during the session.  As long as you and the home owner are comfortable with me accessing the property alone. 

Photos – 24 hour turnaround (often delivered late evening on the session day).

Video  – 72 hour turnaround (often delivered late evening on the day following the session). 

l try and capture at least two photos of each major room in the property.  One photo is captured for smaller rooms and utility spaces.

Videos are usually 1-2 minutes in length, with more prestigious homes offering a 2-3 minute feature. 

Every photo delivered is colour corrected and optimized for web and print. 

Every video delivered is edited to premium music, colour graded, and stabilized for a cinematic experience. 


FAQ - Preparing for a session . . .

I will not stage, but I will walk through the home to adjust each space for photos/video. 

Please have the home be tidy, clean, and ready for the session, before I arrive. 

There’s quite a bit to do!  Have a look at the preparation check list, below. 

Check List - Preparing for your photo/video session . . .

Selling your home is about showing the spaces it has, not the things you own!

  • Less is more. Declutter and tidy as much as possible.
  • Show your floor. Remove all unnecessary mats and throw rugs.
  • Create workspace. Clear counters/table tops and group decor to show more space.
  • Create sight lines. Reserve tall/big decor for walls and corners.
  • Create flow. Remove or shift furniture so that walkways are obvious.
  • To add . . . move furniture as far away from doorways and corridors as possible.
  • Get rid of cable nests. Organize and hide power and audio/video cables.
  • To add . . . don’t let power cables hang across walls to reach an outlet.
  • Create awesome light. Replace all burnt out light bulbs.
  • To add . . . ensure multi-bulb lighting fixtures use the same bulb throughout.
  • To add more . . . ensure grouped lighting all use the same bulbs (ie. bedside lamps, pot lights).
  • Remove toiletries and soap/shampoo bottles from bathrooms.
  • Clear the fridge surface of all magnets and clutter.
  • Get the home professionally cleaned.

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