The Absolute Towers

I few weeks ago, I was on a shoot for a realtor in the Mississauga core.  The shoot was for a condo listing in the infamous Absolute Towers. You know – the Marilyn Monroe buildings.  Some people love them, some people loath them.  I think they are stunning feat of engineering – which makes them beautiful.

While I was outside, documenting the exterior of the listing, I looked up and saw the amazing shapes and lines of the building – completely different from the norm.  I had to capture what I saw – the two towers complimenting each other.  It is no mistake, the way these two building stand next to each other.

I took a minute to get out of ‘real estate photographer’ mode and into an artistic mind set.  After a few shots, I realized that it was the space in-between the two buildings that was going to make the shot magical.

Even though I’m proud of this photo, I do wish I had my 8-15mm fisheye lens with me.  The rounded vertical qualities the fisheye lens produces would have further enhanced the curves of the buildings.  Oh well . . . next time!

These buildings are stunning works of engineering.
These buildings are stunning works of art and engineering.